Wacom Tablet Pen | Deep probe :)

Yesterday I just accidentally sat on my Wacom tablet pen and broke it in to two pieces.

I guess that it is not the construction problem, just it´s not designed to sit on it. So I removed the tubing and saw an circuit board with a coil at the end. So it is really an electromagnetic resonance system. As seen on wiki the tablet produces and consistent electromagnetic field and detects any disturbing elements in that field, which is that coil at the end of that pen. If you press the tip of the pen in aprox. 1cm in air about the tablet it behaves similar as if the tip touch the tablet surface. According to the shape of that coil it can detect the position, angle rotation and pen pressure at the same time. It all sounds pretty easy and I could guess that the whole thing why only wacom is using non-battery enabled pen is only in their Patent. But I still love Wacom, because after this all, the pen is still fully functional with no inaccuracies. I have to just glue those two pieces back together again.

For any incorectness better see…


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