Game Development

2012 – Click and Gun - published by Silicon Jelly


Gameplay ‘Courtesy of Touch Gameplay’

Unite Europe 2012 Conference speech about lighting in Unity

I was the only programmer back then so I basically learned Unity on this project.


2013 Mimpipublished by Crescent Moon Games

I used rage tools for Mimpi vector graphics and it gave me a lot of headaches.

That was the reason I started working on my own Vector Graphic solution.

I was responsible for the graphics, audio engine, visual effects, puzzles and user interface.


Gameplay ’Courtesy of Touch Gameplay’


2015 –  Mimpi Dreams – published by Silicon Jelly


Gameplay ‘Courtesy of Ethan Gamer’

I started working on Mimpi Dreams during January 2015 and released in November 2015.

I was personally responsible for the main character controller, visual effects, some puzzles

and of course, the vector graphics rendering

for which I wrote a Unity3D plugin called SVG Importer.


2015 – SVG Importer – Website, Asset store link

Unite Europe 2015 Conference speech about Vector Graphics in Unity


2016 – Hybrid Camera for 2D games

In collaboration with Michal Berlinger

Original article on Gamasutra

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